Friday, September 25, 2009

Recessions come and go Brands are for Life!

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There have been nine major recessions in the U.S since 1907, each one lasted on average 14 months and each was followed by a lengthy recovery. It has been seven years since the last recovery.

This is the perfect time to build market share because some of your competitors have gone into hiding. When your competitors cut back they surrender their share of the market. This creates an ideal opportunity for you to grow and conquer your market share.
If we look back in history we will see some really successful global Brands used proactive marketing and Brand Strategies during recessionary periods to achieve a lion’s share of a shrinking market. Winning Brands such as Sears stole the market from Wards during World War Two, Revlon gained market share in the 1970’s recession whilst Avon lost share. Taco Bell and Pizza Hut strategically stole share from Mc Donald’s during the 1990- 1991 recession.

Winning Brands all have something in common; they uniquely position themselves strategically to entice the consumer in Brand experience .Michael Jackson has shown remarkable consistency in his Brand over the years. His Brand has spanned several decades beginning in the 70’s and lasting into the new millennium. He recognized Americas need for really good entertainment and was remarkably successful at positioning and re-enforcing his key values as the King of Pop. Jackson understood Brand image and how to build it with his fans; the moonwalk, the glove, the uniform, neverland. The Brand icon succeeded because consumers could relate to the brand and liked what the Brand portrayed.
This is an opportune time to have a game plan to build your Brand. Remember Stay visible, Fight bravely and history will remember your Brands Legacy.

Winning Brand Stategies in Tough Economic Times

In challenging times like economic recessions many brands run for cover. They scale cut budgets batten down the hatchets and wait for the storm to pass.

Winning Brands do the opposite. They leverage the dynamic and emerge fitter, stronger and far ahead of the competition. They connect with their target markets, engage around issues of concern, focus on the end goals and pursue excellence in the area of campaign delivery. Winning Brands are visible and offer solid value.

At the beginning of April 2006, President Zuma admitted to showering in order to reduce the risk of getting HIV/AIDS. To many people, this statement was the low point of his political career. This weekend, he was inaugurated as our President and reached a high point in his political career. He did it by campaigning for at least three years. No matter what side of the political divide you're on, you have to admire the man's turnaround strategic approach, courage, perseverance and hands-on leadership.

This is the ideal time to have a game plan to build your Brand. If your brand goes into hiding when times are tough, it will drop off the radar of prospective clients. Fight bravely and history will remember your brands legacy. Invest in Smart Marketing.

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