Monday, March 23, 2009

Strategic Solutions During an Economic Downturn

During periods of downturn, consumers view the economy as uncertain and risky they delay buying durable goods and switch to buying basics rather than luxury items and generally become more prices sensitive.

The challenges of inflation and downturn go hand in hand yet downturn requires different marketing strategies.

The benefits of a downturn
A recession helps companies streamline their operating practices and procedures and improve customer service
It is a good time to prune unprofitable items from the product line
This is an excellent time to build market share because some competitors are struggling to make ends meet

Intelligent, astute marketers can find opportunities to exploit during downturns. They utilize skilled
Strategic tactics to position you ahead of your competition and ensure success.

Strategic Tips
· Improve existing products and introduce new ones
Customers with less to spend will seek quality, value for money, durability and satisfaction to make their money go further
· Maintain and expand customer service
Add a unique service that has not been offered previously
Emphasize your product value.
· Use special offers to stimulate demand
Special pricing tactics are necessary
Make the demand for your product or service ‘unbelievable’ and “unprecedented
· Target New market segments
As consumers ‘trade down” during downturn periods appealing to more price sensitive customers will make your company prosper

Strategy is about the art of winning the work you do to ensure organizational success

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