Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Marketing Solution for Tough Economic Times

During a recession like one in South Africa a strong strategy will not only carry you through the tough times; it will also strengthen your position when the shackles of recession are removed.

A simple look back in history will show that thousands of really great global brands were actually conceived and launched during tough times. Brands such as Microsoft, Midwest Airlines and Apple iPhone used turnaround strategies and intelligent marketing to gain a bigger share of a shrinking market. It wasn't desperation it was inspiration.

Marketing is not all about the more you spend the more you get, it is about the more you think the more you get. More than R50 billion is wasted on bad marketing in SA every year. Are you contributing to that figure?

Get your marketing process properly organized and running efficiently during an economic downturn. You will not only profit during that period but come out of the other side way ahead of your competitors.

Intelligent marketing and promotion consists of active, smart, focused, creative and strategic brand development where companies can interact with the market, existing customers and potential clients. This is the ideal time to build your brand, your reputation and further establish your position in the market.

Marketing is a long-term investment in brand equity. Now is the best time to take market share from your competitors.

The Solution: Cost-effective freelance marketing

Freelancers are usually more flexible than permanent staff, in terms of hours.
Freelancers are easier to hire and fire - and are not a long-term commitment.
There's no need to worry about PAYE, SITE or other tax complications.
Companies save money:no fixed salaries, no sick pay, holiday pay or maternity leave.
Freelancers offer access to diverse skills that the in-house team may not have.
Freelancers complete small or ad hoc tasks that don't require a full-time employee.

You need Intelligent Marketing
Nadia Lang is a freelance marketer that believes in Intelligent cost effective marketing and brand strategies whilst still adding the same value.

There is enough evidence to prove that maintaining strong strategies in tough economic times will result in market share gains that pay off when the economy improves, are you brave enough to act on it?

It is not a necessity but a strategic imperative.

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